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This is our detailed record against Western Province since 1991.

Previous Matches Against Western Province
Date Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
05/11/1991Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin45216?
08/17/1991NewlandsCurrie CupLose10161?
03/17/1992Ellis ParkMNetWin31213?
05/16/1992NewlandsCurrie CupWin35145?
06/27/1992Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin663010?
7/24/1993Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin2391?
9/25/1993NewlandsCurrie CupLose32424?
3/22/1994Ellis ParkMNetWin33133?
7/16/1994NewlandsCurrie CupWin24163?
9/3/1994Ellis ParkLion Cup (F)Win29202?
9/17/1994Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin24172?
3/18/1995NewlandsSuper 10Lose13151?
7/15/1995Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin28251?
9/9/1995NewlandsCurrie CupLose20222?
4/13/1996Ellis ParkSuper12Lose2326??
10/12/1996Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin5622??
8/17/1997NewlandsCurrie CupLose1653??
10/18/1997NewlandsCurrie CupLose1838??
9/19/1998Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose354235
7/13/1999StellenboschCurrie CupWin353134
9/23/2000Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose285136
10/21/2000NewlandsCurrie Cup(SF)Lose224334
4/14/2001St JohnsVodacom CupLose354245
9/22/2001NewlandsCurrie CupLose163413
10/12/2002Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin501351
8/2/2003NewlandsCurrie CupLose165917
9/20/2003Ellis ParkCurrie CupDraw262623
7/10/2004Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin322824
11/9/2004NewlandsCurrie CupWin352643
9/03/2005Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose233825
10/08/2005NewlandsCurrie CupLose172322
7/29/2006NewlandsCurrie CupLose283035
9/23/2006Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin423645
6/23/2007NewlandsCurrie CupLose131813
8/18/2007Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin191611
8/02/2008Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin271331
10/04/2008NewlandsCurrie CupLose61402
8/22/2009NewlandsCurrie CupLose202513
10/10/2009Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin272533
7/17/2010NewlandsCurrie CupLose03203
9/03/2010Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin462843
8/19/2011NewlandsCurrie CupLose262821
10/08/2011Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin422551
10/22/2011Ellis ParkCurrie Cup(SF)Win292021
8/25/2012Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin262312
9/29/2012NewlandsCurrie CupWin22910
10/20/2012Ellis ParkCurrie Cup(SF)Lose162112
8/30/2013Ellis ParkCurrie CupDraw313143
10/05/2013NewlandsCurrie CupLose233624
10/19/2013NewlandsCurrie Cup(SF)Lose163312
8/23/2014NewlandsCurrie CupLose142713
9/13/2014Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin353353
10/25/2014NewlandsCurrie Cup(F)Lose161911
10/02/2015Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin623294
10/24/2015Ellis ParkCurrie Cup(F)Win322443
9/9/2016Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin583284
8/18/2017NewlandsCurrie CupLose33906
10/08/2017Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin292042
10/21/2017NewlandsCurrie Cup (SF)Lose51911

Summary vs WP: Played - 59, Won - 29, Lost - 28, Drew - 2

Win Ratio - 49.15%
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