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This is our detailed record against Northern Transvaal (Blue Bulls) since 1991.

Previous Matches Against Northern Transvaal (Blue Bulls)
Date Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
05/04/1991Ellis ParkTeljoyWin31164?
05/18/1991LoftusCurrie CupWin2491?
08/24/1991Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose12350?
09/14/1991Ellis parkCurrie CupWin25181?
10/05/1991LoftusCurrie Cup (F)Lose15270?
03/30/1992Ellis ParkMNetLose14223?
05/23/1992Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin41204?
07/04/1992LoftusCurrie CupLose28361?
09/02/1992Ellis ParkFriendlyLose13231?
09/29/1992Ellis ParkLion CupWin21192?
3/19/1993Ellis ParkMNet (F)Draw121200
4/3/1993LoftusSuper 10Win42223?
7/17/1993LoftusCurrie CupWin19161?
8/28/1993LoftusLion CupWin48256?
9/11/1993Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin36134?
7/9/1994Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin57137?
9/10/1994LoftusCurrie CupLose35444?
7/22/1995LoftusCurrie CupWin22191?
9/16/1995Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose12182?
10/19/1996LoftusCurrie CupWin3121??
4/12/1997Ellis ParkSuper12Draw1616??
8/30/1997LoftusCurrie CupLose1519??
3/14/1998Ellis ParkVodacom CupWin362062
4/17/1998LoftusVodacom CupWin511081
9/12/1998Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose122023
4/3/1999Ellis ParkVodacom CupWin482873
5/7/1999LoftusVodacom CupWin531081
7/10/1999LoftusCurrie CupWin281931
4/7/2000LoftusVodacom CupWin201422
4/28/2001Ellis ParkVodacom CupLose183325
10/13/2001Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin322244
8/24/2002Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose203323
10/26/2002Ellis ParkCurrie Cup(F)Lose73112
8/9/2003Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose232822
9/27/2003LoftusCurrie CupLose405246
7/24/2004Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin363343
9/25/2004LoftusCurrie CupLose384756
10/16/2004LoftusCurrie Cup(SF)Lose334034
8/13/2005Ellis ParkCC QualifierWin461763
10/15/2005LoftusCC SFLose233123
7/1/2006Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose243925
8/12/2006LoftusCurrie CupWin191712
7/7/2007LoftusCurrie CupLose112513
9/8/2007Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin272221
6/21/2008Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose72113
8/8/2008LoftusCurrie CupWin302743
7/11/2009LoftusCurrie CupLose131912
8/29/2009Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin201321
7/31/2010Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose183222
9/18/2010LoftusCurrie CupLose212422
8/06/2011LoftusCurrie CupWin362733
9/24/2011Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose182122
9/08/2012LoftusCurrie CupWin322343
10/13/2012Ellis ParkCurrie CupLose295025
8/24/2013LoftusCurrie CupWin622383
9/21/2013Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin352654
8/09/2014Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin411341
9/06/2014LoftusCurrie CupLose263623
9/12/2015LoftusCurrie CupWin362834
9/2/2016LoftusCurrie CupLose173123
8/5/2017LoftusCurrie CupLose225448
9/16/2017Ellis ParkCurrie CupWin363355

Summary vs Northern Transvaal: Played - 63, Won - 32, Lost - 29, Drew - 2

Win Ratio - 50.79%
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