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This page contains the comprehensive detail of the all Lions matches from 1995 to 2017. Click on the year that you are interested in to jump there.


2017 Season

Summary of Lions 2017 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst

Lions 2017 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
25/02CheetahsBloemfonteinSuper 18Won282531
4/03WaratahsEllis ParkSuper 18Won553685
11/03JaguaresBuenos AiresSuper 18Lost243644
18/03RedsEllis ParkSuper 18Won441472
25/03KingsPESuper 18Won421963
1/04SharksEllis ParkSuper 18Won342932
15/04StormersCape TownSuper 18Won291641
21/04JaguaresEllis ParkSuper 18Won242133
29/04ForcePerthSuper 18Won241530
6/05RebelsMelbourneSuper 18Won471071
12/05BrumbiesCanberraSuper 18Won13610
20/05BullsEllis ParkSuper 18Won511472
28/05KingsEllis ParkSuper 18Won541081
1/07SunwolvesEllis ParkSuper 18Won947141
15/07SharksDurbanSuper 18Won271031
22/07Sharks (QF)Ellis ParkSuper 18Won232132
23/07PumasNelspruitCurrie CupLost364356
29/07GriquasEllis ParkCurrie CupWon484376
29/07Hurricanes (SF)Ellis ParkSuper 18Won442964
5/08Crusaders (F)Ellis ParkSuper 18Lost172523
5/08Blue BullsLoftusCurrie CupLost225448
12/08SharksEllis ParkCurrie CupLost314757
18/08WPNewlandsCurrie CupLost33906
26/08Free StateBloemfonteinCurrie CupLost243033
2/09PumasEllis ParkCurrie CupWon292854
8/09GriquasKimberleyCurrie CupWon341742
16/09Blue BullsEllis ParkCurrie CupWon363355
29/09SharksDurbanCurrie CupLost102412
8/10WPEllis ParkCurrie CupWon292042
14/10Free StateEllis ParkCurrie CupWon441752
21/10WPNewlandsCurrie Cup (SF)Lost51911

2016 Season

Summary of Lions 2016 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst

Lions 2016 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
27/02SunwolvesTokyoSuper 18Won261341
5/03ChiefsHamiltonSuper 18Won363244
12/03HighlandersDunedinSuper 18Lost153424
19/03CheetahsEllis ParkSuper 18Won392253
1/04CrusadersEllis ParkSuper 18Lost374346
9/04SharksDurbanSuper 18Won24920
16/04StormersEllis ParkSuper 18Won292221
23/04KingsPort ElizabethSuper 18Won451072
30/04HurricanesEllis ParkSuper 18Lost175037
14/05BluesEllis ParkSuper 18Won43571
21/05JaguaresEllis ParkSuper 18Won522482
28/05BullsPretoriaSuper 18Won562073
2/07SharksEllis ParkSuper 18Won371052
8/07KingsEllis ParkSuper 18Won572183
16/07JaguaresBuenos AiresSuper 18Lost223433
23/07CrusadersEllis ParkSuper 18 (QF)Won422553
30/07HighlandersEllis ParkSuper 18 (SF)Won423054
6/08HurricanesWellingtonSuper 18 (F)Lost32002
13/08PumasEllis ParkCurrie CupWon6826104
20/08GriquasKimberleyCurrie CupLost243043
26/08BolandEllis ParkCurrie CupWon601292
2/09Blue BullsLoftusCurrie CupLost173123
9/09WPEllis ParkCurrie CupWon583284
15/09Free StateBloemfonteinCurrie CupLost293725
24/09EP KingsPECurrie CupWon717111
30/09SharksEllis ParkCurrie CupWon281631
15/10Free StateBloemfonteinCurrie Cup (SF)Lost175536

2015 Season

Summary of Lions 2015 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst

Lions 2015 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
13/02HurricanesEllis ParkSuper 15Lost82212
21/02SharksDurbanSuper 15Lost122904
28/02StormersEllis ParkSuper 15Lost192211
7/03BluesAucklandSuper 15Won131011
14/03CrusadersChristchurchSuper 15Lost63404
20/03RebelsMelbourneSuper 15Won201622
27/03RedsBrisbaneSuper 15Won181722
4/04BullsEllis ParkSuper 15Won221810
11/04SharksEllis ParkSuper 15Won232133
25/04CheetahsEllis ParkSuper 15Won342944
2/05BullsLoftusSuper 15Lost333534
9/05HighlandersEllis ParkSuper 15Won282332
16/05BrumbiesEllis ParkSuper 15Lost203024
23/05CheetahsBloemfonteinSuper 15Won401742
30/05WaratahsEllis ParkSuper 15Won272233
6/06StormersNewlandsSuper 15Draw191933
8/08EP KingsPECurrie CupWon511462
14/08PumasEllis ParkCurrie CupWon442753
22/08SharksDurbanCurrie CupWon311641
28/08PumasNelspruitCurrie CupWon411141
5/09EP KingsEllis ParkCurrie CupWon372153
12/09Blue BullsLoftusCurrie CupWon362834
19/09SharksEllis ParkCurrie CupWon261822
26/09Free StateBloemfonteinCurrie CupWon7331105
2/10WPEllis ParkCurrie CupWon623294
10/10GriquasEllis ParkCurrie CupWon291943
17/10Free StateEllis ParkCurrie Cup(SF)Won433345
24/10WPEllis ParkCurrie Cup(F)Won322443

2014 Season

Summary of Lions 2014 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst

Lions 2014 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
15/02CheetahsBloemfonteinSuper 15Won212002
22/02StormersEllis ParkSuper 15Won341011
1/03BullsLoftusSuper 15Lost172521
8/03SharksDurbanSuper 15Lost233724
15/03BluesEllis ParkSuper 15Won393635
22/03RedsEllis ParkSuper 15Won232022
5/04CrusadersEllis ParkSuper 15Lost72813
12/04SharksEllis ParkSuper 15Lost122501
19/04StormersNewlandsSuper 15Lost31802
3/05ChiefsHamiltonSuper 15Lost83816
10/05HighlandersDunedinSuper 15Lost222343
18/05WaratahsSydneySuper 15Lost134115
24/05ForcePerthSuper 15Lost192914
31/05BullsEllis ParkSuper 15Won322122
4/07RebelsEllis ParkSuper 15Won341732
12/07CheetahsEllis ParkSuper 15Won602583
9/08Blue BullsEllis ParkCurrie CupWon411341
16/08EP KingsEllis ParkCurrie CupWon601993
23/08WPNewlandsCurrie CupLost142713
30/08EP KingsPort ElizabethCurrie CupWon412253
6/09Blue BullsLoftusCurrie CupLost263623
13/09WPEllis ParkCurrie CupWon353353
19/09PumasEllis ParkCurrie CupWon291542
27/09GriquasKimberleyCurrie CupWon46861
3/10SharksDurbanCurrie CupLost232621
11/10CheetahsEllis ParkCurrie CupWon47761
18/10SharksEllis ParkCurrie Cup (SF)Won502063
25/10WPNewlandsCurrie Cup (F)Lost161911

2013 Season

Summary of Lions 2013 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst
19/10221381774561 10061

Lions 2013 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
19/01RussiaEllis ParkFriendly*Won511371
26/01CheetahsEllis ParkFriendly*Won331753
9/02KingsEllis ParkFriendly*Won413164
16/03Mont de MarsanEllis ParkFriendly*Won562484
2/06SamoaEllis ParkFriendly*Won7414102
14/06StormersEllis ParkFriendly*Won421262
21/06SharksEllis ParkFriendly*Won332954
13/07GriquasEllis ParkFriendly*Won261240
3/08KingsEllis ParkP/RLost182322
10/08Free StateEllis ParkCurrie CupLost293034
16/08SharksDurbanCurrie CupLost253333
24/08Blue BullsLoftusCurrie CupWon622383
30/08WPEllis ParkCurrie CupDrew313143
07/09GriquasKimberleyCurrie CupWon383264
13/09Free StateBloemfonteinCurrie CupLost232622
21/09Blue BullsEllis ParkCurrie CupWon352654
27/09SharksEllis ParkCurrie CupLost253133
05/10WPNewlandsCurrie CupLost233624
12/10GriquasEllis ParkCurrie CupWon352841
19/10WPNewlandsCurrie Cup (SF)Lost163312

* - denotes a match not recognised as a first class match

2012 Season

Summary of Lions 2012 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst

Lions 2012 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
25/02Cheetahs Ellis ParkSuper 15 Win2725 01
02/03Hurricanes Ellis ParkSuper 15 Lose2830 33
10/03Sharks DurbanSuper 15 Lose2032 24
24/03Stormers Ellis ParkSuper 15 Lose1924 12
31/03Crusaders Ellis ParkSuper 15 Lose1323 12
7/04Cheetahs BloemfonteinSuper 15 Lose526 12
14/04Bulls Ellis ParkSuper 15 Lose1832 25
27/04Brumbies Ellis ParkSuper 15 Lose2034 26
5/05Chiefs PukekoheSuper 15 Lose2134 34
11/05Blues AucklandSuper 15 Lose325 03
19/05Reds BrisbaneSuper 15 Lose2034 24
26/05Force PerthSuper 15 Lose1117 12
2/05Sharks Ellis ParkSuper 15 Win3828 43
30/06Stormers NewlandsSuper 15 Lose1727 23
7/07Rebels Ellis ParkSuper 15 Win3732 44
14/07Bulls LoftusSuper 15 Lose2037 24
11/08Cheetahs Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win4320 42
18/08Sharks DurbanCurrie Cup Lose1430 23
25/08WP Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win2623 12
31/08Griquas Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Lose3242 45
08/09Blue Bulls LoftusCurrie Cup Win3223 43
15/09Cheetahs BloemfonteinCurrie Cup Win3823 42
22/09Sharks Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win2822 22
29/09WP NewlandsCurrie Cup Win229 10
06/10Griquas KimberleyCurrie Cup Lose2137 24
13/10Blue Bulls Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Lose2950 25
20/10WP Ellis ParkCurrie Cup(SF) Lose1621 12

2011 Season

Summary of Lions 2011 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst
29/103215152874863 9384

Lions 2011 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
19/02Bulls Ellis ParkSuper 15 Lose2024 32
26/02Stormers NewlandsSuper 15 Lose1619 21
4/03Blues Ellis ParkSuper 15 Lose3241 45
12/03Cheetahs BloemfonteinSuper 15 Win2520 21
19/03Force Ellis ParkSuper 15 Lose1527 02
26/03Bulls LoftusSuper 15 Lose2330 23
2/04Reds Ellis ParkSuper 15 Lose2530 23
9/04Sharks DurbanSuper 15 Lose327 04
16/04Stormers Ellis ParkSuper 15 Lose1933 13
23/04Chiefs Ellis ParkSuper 15 Lose3034 35
06/05Cheetahs Ellis ParkSuper 15 Lose1953 35
14/05Brumbies CanberraSuper 15 Win2920 42
21/05Waratahs SydneySuper 15 Lose1229 25
28/05Highlanders DunedinSuper 15 Win2622 21
4/06Hurricanes WellingtonSuper 15 Lose2738 34
11/06Sharks Ellis ParkSuper 15 Drew3030 33
15/07Pumas Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win3127 33
23/07Griquas KimberleyCurrie Cup Win4911 81
30/07Leopards Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win5336 85
06/08Blue Bulls LoftusCurrie Cup Win3627 33
13/08Cheetahs Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win1710 11
19/08WP NewlandsCurrie Cup Lose2628 21
27/08Sharks Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win2819 11
2/09Pumas NelspruitCurrie Cup Win3420 42
9/09Griquas Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win4125 63
16/09Leopards PotchefstroomCurrie Cup Win4323 62
24/09Blue Bulls Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Lose1821 22
1/10Cheetahs BloemfonteinCurrie Cup Draw2525 31
8/10WP Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win4225 51
15/10Sharks DurbanCurrie Cup Lose953 07
22/10WP Ellis ParkCurrie Cup(SF) Win2920 21
29/10Sharks Ellis ParkCurrie Cup(F) Win4216 31

2010 Season

Summary of Lions 2010 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst

Lions 2010 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
13/02Stormers Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose1326 12
19/02Chiefs Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose6572 99
27/02Hurricanes WellingtonSuper 14 Lose1833 24
5/03Brumbies CanberraSuper 14 Lose1324 13
12/03Waratahs SydneySuper 14 Lose1273 211
20/03Crusaders ChristchurhSuper 14 Lose1946 15
26/03Highlanders DunedinSuper 14 Lose2939 53
10/04Reds Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose264146
17/04Sharks Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose2832 34
25/04Bulls LoftusSuper 14 Lose1151 16
1/05Force Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose1233 03
8/05Blues Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose1456 27
15/05Cheetahs WelkomSuper 14 Lose1059 19
9/07Leopards RustenburgCurrie Cup Win4313 52
17/07WP NewlandsCurrie Cup Lose032 03
24/07Griquas KimberleyCurrie Cup Lose2026 22
31/07Blue Bulls Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Lose1832 22
7/08Sharks DurbanCurrie Cup Lose1948 15
14/08Cheetahs Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win3026 32
20/08Pumas WitbankCurrie Cup Win3330 44
27/08Leopards Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win4522 73
3/09WP Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win4628 43
11/09Griquas Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win4029 44
18/09Blue Bulls LoftusCurrie Cup Lose2124 22
25/09Sharks Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win2220 33
2/10Cheetahs BloemfonteinCurrie Cup Lose3743 46
9/10Pumas Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Lose2734 45

2009 Season

Summary of Lions 2009 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst

Lions 2009 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
13/02Cheetahs Ellis ParkSuper 14 Win3428 43
21/02Sharks DurbanSuper 14 Lose1025 13
28/02Bulls Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose916 01
14/03Stormers NewlandsSuper 14 Lose1856 28
21/03Brumbies Ellis ParkSuper 14 Win2517 32
28/03Hurricanes Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose3238 45
04/04Chiefs HamiltonSuper 14 Lose2936 45
10/04Blues AucklandSuper 14 Lose1236 26
18/04Reds BrisbaneSuper 14 Win3120 43
24/04Force PerthSuper 14 Lose1455 28
1/05Crusaders Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose2032 34
8/05Highlanders Ellis ParkSuper 14 Win2922 43
15/05Waratahs Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose3338 35
3/06B&I Lions Ellis ParkTour Lose1074 110
3/07Griffons WelkomFriendly Win547 81
11/07Blue BullsPretoriaCurrie Cup Lose131912
18/07CheetahsEllis ParkCurrie Cup Win312231
25/07LeopardsPhokengCurrie Cup Win401951
31/07GriquasEllis ParkCurrie Cup Lose192312
7/08BolandWellingtonCurrie Cup Win191311
15/08SharksEllis ParkCurrie Cup Lose193033
22/08WPNewlandsCurrie Cup Lose202513
29/08Blue BullsEllis ParkCurrie Cup Win201321
5/09CheetahsBloemfonteinCurrie Cup Lose162012
11/09LeopardsEllis ParkCurrie Cup Win311351
19/09GriquasKimberleyCurrie Cup Lose313633
26/09BolandEllis ParkCurrie Cup Win8815132
03/10SharksDurbanCurrie Cup Lose171911
10/10WPEllis ParkCurrie Cup Win272533

2008 Season

Summary of Transvaal's 2008 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst
11/102911171676706 8482

Transvaal's 2008 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
16/02Cheetahs BloemfonteinSuper 14 Win 232223
23/02Blues Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose 105517
29/02Force Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose 161812
7/03Bulls LoftusSuper 14 Lose 173132
15/03Sharks Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose 81611
22/03Reds Ellis ParkSuper 14 Draw 242423
04/04Highlanders DunedinSuper 14 Lose 202934
12/04Crusaders ChristchurchSuper 14 Lose 63104
19/04Waratahs SydneySuper 14 Lose 32604
25/04Brumbies CanberraSuper 14 Lose 212833
3/05Hurricanes WellingtonSuper 14 Lose 123825
10/05Chiefs Ellis ParkSuper 14 Win 332733
17/05Stormers Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose 132223
13/06Eastern Cape XV PEFriendly Win 26940
21/06Blue Bulls Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Lose 72113
28/06Cheetahs BloemfonteinCurrie Cup Lose 182201
04/07Valke Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win 352343
12/07Boland Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win 571782
19/07Griquas KimberleyCurrie Cup Win 363256
26/07Sharks DurbanCurrie Cup Lose 111611
2/08WP Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win 271331
8/08Blue Bulls LoftusCurrie Cup Win 302743
22/08Cheetahs Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Lose 283834
5/09Valke BrakpanCurrie Cup Win 8314132
13/09Griquas Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win 412062
20/09Boland WellingtonCurrie Cup Win 311042
27/09Sharks Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Lose 203434
04/10WP NewlandsCurrie Cup Lose 61402
11/10Sharks DurbanCurrie Cup (SF) Lose 142922

2007 Season

Summary of Transvaal's 2007 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst
27/102915140618545 6661

Transvaal's 2007 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
2/2Waratahs Ellis ParkSuper 14 Lose 162513
10/2HighlandersEllis ParkSuper 14 Win 11610
17/2CrusadersEllis ParkSuper 14 Win 9300
24/2ForcePerthSuper 14 Win 252412
3/3RedsBrisbaneSuper 14 Win 262022
10/3BluesAucklandSuper 14 Lose 144126
16/3ChiefsHamiltonSuper 14 Lose 73415
24/3HurricanesEllis ParkSuper 14 Win 30721
31/3BrumbiesEllis ParkSuper 14 Lose 91401
7/4StormersNewlandsSuper 14 Lose 83013
21/4BullsEllis ParkSuper 14 Lose 73115
28/4SharksDurbanSuper 14 Lose 33304
5/5CheetahsEllis ParkSuper 14 Lose 101611
23/6WPNewlands Currie Cup Lose 131813
30/6Sharks Ellis parkCurrie Cup Win 14711
7/7Blue Bulls LoftusCurrie Cup Lose 112513
14/7Border East London*Friendly Win 353153
21/7Cheetahs Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Lose 112713
27/7Valke BrakpanCurrie Cup Win 62591
4/8Griquas Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win 452464
11/8Boland WellingtonCurrie Cup Win 151021
18/8WPEllis Park Currie Cup Win 191611
1/9Sharks DurbanCurrie Cup Lose 32102
8/9Blue BullsEllis ParkCurrie Cup Win 272221
15/9CheetahsBloemfonteinCurrie Cup Lose 192413
22/9ValkeEllis ParkCurrie Cup Win 613093
29/9Griquas KimberleyCurrie Cup Win 28030
6/10Boland Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win 750110
13/10SharksDurbanCurrie Cup(SF) Win 191230
27/10CheetahsBloemfonteinCurrie Cup(F) Lose 182022

*The friendly against Border was not recognised as an official Lions match


2006 Season

Summary of Transvaal's 2006 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst
29/914950485383 6348

Transvaal's 2006 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
23/6SharksDurbanCurrie Cup Lose 223344
1/7Blue Bulls Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Lose 243925
8/7Cheetahs BloemfonteinCurrie Cup Lose 55918
14/7ValkeEllis ParkCurrie Cup Win 321941
22/7Griquas KimberleyCurrie Cup Lose 232722
29/7WPNewlandsCurrie Cup Lose 283035
5/8PumasEllis Park Currie Cup Win 7415112
12/8Blue Bulls LoftusCurrie Cup Win 191712
19/8Sharks Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win 222133
1/9Cheetahs Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win 392854
9/9ValkeBrakpan Currie Cup Win 321752
16/9Griquas Ellis ParkCurrie Cup Win 343254
23/9WPEllis Park Currie Cup Win 423645
29/9PumasWitbankCurrie Cup Win 8910131

2005 Season

Summary of Transvaal's 2005 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst
15/10151140521336 6038

Transvaal's 2005 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
24/6ETvlEllis ParkCC QualifierWon 44660
02/7BolandWellingtonCC QualifierWon 322743
08/7SWDEllis ParkCC QualifierWon 561071
16/7NatalDurbanCC QualifierLost 162213
22/7EPPECC QualifierWon 291921
13/8NTvlEllis ParkCC QualifierWon 461763
20/8GriquasEllis ParkCurrie CupWon 531171
26/8WTvlPotchCurrie CupWon 372153
03/9WPEllis ParkCurrie CupLost 233825
10/9Free StateBloemfonteinCurrie CupWon 312042
16/9WTvlEllis ParkCurrie CupWon 442752
24/9GriquasKimberleyCurrie CupWon 332834
1/10Free StateEllis ParkCurrie CupWon 373645
8/10WPNewlandsCurrie CupLost 172322
15/10NTvlLoftusCurrie Cup SFLost 233123

2004 Season

Summary of Transvaal's 2004 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst
16/10171160596499 7154+?

Transvaal's 2004 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
5/6ETvlWelkomFriendlyWin 342343
12/6NamibiaWindhoekFriendly Win 48107?
3/7Free StateBloemfonteinCurrie Cup Lose 193834
10/7WPEllis ParkCurrie Cup Win 322824
17/7NatalDurbanCurrie Cup Lose 253834
24/7NTvlEllis ParkCurrie Cup Win 363343
31/7GriquasKimberleyCurrie Cup Win 333134
7/8SETvlEllis ParkCurrie Cup Lose 212733
13/8SWDRAUCurrie Cup Win 511351
28/8SWDGeorgeCurrie Cup Win 361953
4/9Free StateEllis ParkCurrie Cup Lose 274033
11/9WPNewlandsCurrie Cup Win 352643
18/9NatalEllis ParkCurrie Cup Win 493574
24/9NTvlLoftusCurrie Cup Lose 384756
1/10GriquasEllis ParkCurrie Cup Win 352442
8/10SETvlWitbankCurrie Cup Win 442763
16/10NTvlLoftusCurrie Cup (SF) Lose 334034

2003 Season

Summary of Transvaal's 2003 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst

Transvaal's 2003 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
5/7SamoaEllis ParkFriendlyLose323445
26/7SETvlEllis ParkCurrie CupWin383465
2/8WPNewlandsCurrie CupLose165917
9/8NTvlEllis ParkCurrie CupLose232822
16/8SWDGeorgeCurrie CupWin522974
23/8Free StateBloemfonteinCurrie CupWin402243
30/8NatalEllis ParkCurrie CupWin423854
6/9GriquasKimberleyCurrie CupLose242533
13/9SETvlWitbankCurrie CupWin333133
20/9WPEllis ParkCurrie CupDraw262623
27/9NTvlLoftusCurrie CupLose405246
4/10SWDEllis ParkCurrie CupWin10414152
11/10Free StateEllis ParkCurrie CupLose303434
17/10NatalDurbanCurrie CupWin201723
25/10GriquasEllis ParkCurrie CupWin421963

2002 Season

Summary of Transvaal's 2002 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst

Transvaal's 2002 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
20/07SWDGeorgeCurrie CupLose394465
27/07EPEllis ParkCurrie CupWin551681
03/08WTvlPotchCurrie CupWin312432
24/08NTvlEllis ParkCurrie CupLose203323
30/08SETvlWitbankCurrie CupWin363544
14/09NatalEllis ParkCurrie CupWin463754
21/09GriquasKimberleyCurrie CupWin291242
28/09ETvlEllis ParkCurrie CupWin472553
05/10FSBloemfonteinCurrie CupLose222933
12/10WPEllis ParkCurrie CupWin501351
19/10FSBloemfonteinCurrie Cup(SF)Win432942
26/10NTvlEllis ParkCurrie Cup(F)Lose73112

2001 Season

Summary of Transvaal's 2001 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst
20/10221480758633 8868

Transvaal's 2001 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
24/02EPEllis ParkVodacomWin251911
10/03NamibiaEllis ParkVodacomWin10120152
16/03Free StateBloemfonteinVodacomLose274545
24/03NOFSEllis ParkVodacomWin271530
31/03NatalEllis ParkVodacomLose132211
06/04BolandBoland ParkVodacomWin433165
14/04WPSt JohnsVodacomLose354245
28/04NTvlEllis ParkVodacomLose183325
06/07NatalDurbanCurrie CupLose173623
14/07BolandEllis ParkCurrie CupWin514664
03/08EPPECurrie CupWin301832
18/08ETvlEllis ParkCurrie CupWin491562
08/09Free StateEllis ParkCurrie CupWin231921
15/09NOFSWelkomCurrie CupWin533083
22/09WPNewlandsCurrie CupLose163413
30/09SETvlEllis ParkCurrie CupWin492954
06/10GriquasKimberleyCurrie CupWin643294
13/10NTvlEllis ParkCurrie CupWin322244
20/10NatalDurbanCurrie Cup (SF)Lose91601

2000 Season

Summary of Transvaal's 2000 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst
21/10191171741583 9771

Transvaal's 2000 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
25/02ETvlEllis ParkVodacom CupLose233935
4/03NamibiaWindhoekVodacom CupWin6015100
11/03GriquasKimberleyVodacom CupLose173826
19/03PumasEllis ParkVodacom CupWin353054
26/03NOFSWelkomVodacom CupWin442863
01/04WTvlEllis ParkVodacom CupWin312533
07/04NTvlLoftusVodacom CupWin201422
15/04OFSBloemfonteinVodacom Cup(QF)Lose214735
23/07BolandWellingtonCurrie CupLose304647
30/07EPEllis ParkCurrie CupWin382254
05/08ETvlBrakpanCurrie CupLose424355
02/09OFSBloemfonteinCurrie CupDraw373745
09/09NatalEllis ParkCurrie CupWin423544
16/09NOFSEllis ParkCurrie CupWin9424144
23/09WPEllis ParkCurrie CupLose285136
01/10SWDGeorgeCurrie CupWin341732
08/10GriquasEllis ParkCurrie CupWin51680
14/10SETvlWitbankCurrie CupWin7223102
21/10WPNuwelandCurrie Cup(SF)Lose224334

1999 Season

Summary of Transvaal's 1999 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst
11/093431301390596 18166

Transvaal's 1999 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
12/02BorderEast LondonFriendlyWin39050
19/02ETvlEllis ParkVodacom CupWin401862
26/02GriquasEllis ParkVodacom CupWin57781
05/03SETvlWitbankVodacom CupLose222333
13/03NOFSEllis ParkVodacom CupWin231121
19/03WTvlOrkneyVodacom CupWin262031
27/03NamibiaWindhoekVodacom CupWin6915112
03/04NTvlEllis ParkVodacom CupWin482873
09/04ETvlBrakpanVodacom CupWin292422
13/04GriquasKimberleyVodacom CupWin442854
17/04SETvlRAUVodacom CupWin231822
23/04NOFSWelkomVodacom CupWin6926104
01/05WTvlRAUVodacom CupWin312342
07/05NTvlLoftusVodacom CupWin531081
14/05NamibiaJHBVodacom CupWin552082
21/05NatalEllis ParkVodacom CupWin36340
29/05GriquasEllis ParkVodacom CupWin73791
06/06EPPECurrie CupWin221632
11/06BorderEllis ParkCurrie CupWin40350
18/06NOFSWelkomCurrie CupWin483365
26/06OFSEllis ParkCurrie CupLose142314
03/07ScotlandEllis ParkInternationalWin333143
10/07NTvlLoftusCurrie CupWin281931
13/07GriquasEllis ParkCurrie CupWin353134
17/07WPStellenboschCurrie CupWin372251
23/07WTvlEllis ParkCurrie CupWin562082
31/07NatalDurbanCurrie CupLose172533
06/08SETvlEllis ParkCurrie CupWin442143
13/08ETvlEllis ParkCurrie CupWin521270
22/08BolandWellingtonCurrie CupWin371452
29/08SWDGeorgeCurrie CupWin27030
04/09SWDEllis ParkCurrie Cup(SF)Win8121113
11/09NatalDurbanCurrie Cup(F)Win32950

1998 Season

Summary of Transvaal's 1998 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst
16/102817110963688 14789

Transvaal's 1998 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
20/02CatsEllis ParkFriendlyLose314357
27/02NOFSWelkomVodacom CupLose273734
06/03WTvlPotchVodacom CupWin382162
14/03NTvlEllis ParkVodacom CupWin362062
21/03NatalDurbanVodacom CupWin462474
24/03ETvlRAUVodacom CupWin473375
27/03SETvlEllis ParkVodacom CupWin242332
07/04NOFSRAUVodacom CupWin541481
17/04NTvlLoftusVodacom CupWin511081
24/04WTvlRAUVodacom CupWin666100
31/04ETvlBrakpanVodacom CupLose384456
08/05SETvlWitbankVodacom CupLose283034
16/05NatalEllis ParkVodacom CupWin572894
22/05SWDEllis ParkVodacom CupWin311933
30/05GriquasKimberleyVodacom CupLose05707
10/07WTvlPotchCurrie CupWin341061
17/07SWDEllis ParkCurrie CupLose262734
25/07ETvlBrakpanCurrie CupLose171923
01/08NOFSEllis ParkCurrie CupWin54970
08/08NatalEllis ParkCurrie CupWin111011
21/08SETvlWitbankCurrie CupWin442163
29/08EPEllis ParkCurrie CupWin432274
06/09GriquasKimberleyCurrie CupLose163625
12/09NTvlEllis ParkCurrie CupLose122023
19/09WPEllis ParkCurrie CupLose354235
03/10BorderEast LondonCurrie CupWin12521
10/10Free StateBloemfonteinCurrie CupLose183434
16/10BolandEllis ParkCurrie CupWin6724113

1997 Season

Summary of Transvaal's 1997 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst
18/1030181111031 864 124101

Transvaal's 1997 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
02/03Free StateBloemfonteinSuper 12Win24202?
09/03ACTEllis ParkSuper 12Win44365?
14/03OtagoEllis ParkSuper 12Win47295?
22/03NSWEllis ParkSuper 12Win36273?
29/03WellingtonEllis ParkSuper 12Lose35374?
12/04NTvlEllis ParkSuper 12Draw16161?
19/04AucklandEden ParkSuper 12Lose22633?
25/04CanterburyChristchurchSuper 12Lose0230?
02/05WaikatoHamiltonSuper 12Lose9470?
10/05QueenslandBrisbaneSuper 12Lose27404?
17/05NatalEllis ParkSuper 12Win4285?
07/06BolandWellingtonCurrie CupWin35334?
11/06British LionsEllis ParkTourLose14201?
20/06Scottish XVEllis ParkTourWin42206?
13/07SETvlEllis ParkCurrie CupWin27263?
26/07EPPECurrie CupWin46136?
02/08WTvlEllis ParkCurrie CupWin60349?
10/08GriquasEllis ParkCurrie CupWin46375?
17/08WPNewlandsCurrie CupLose16532?
30/08NTvlLoftusCurrie CupLose15190?
06/09NatalDurbanCurrie CupLose17411?
13/09SWDGeorgeCurrie CupWin25203?
20/09E TvlEllis ParkCurrie CupWin793212?
26/09NFSWelkomCurrie CupWin891713?
03/10BorderEllis ParkCurrie CupWin832112?
11/10Free StateEllis ParkCurrie CupLose24534?
18/10WPNewlandsCurrie Cup SFLose18380?

Summary of Transvaal's 1996 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst
26/102714121802642 89N/A

1996 Season

Transvaal's 1996 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
01/03N S WSydneySuper 12Lose11321?
05/03A C TBrisbaneSuper 12Lose9130?
09/03OtagoCarisbrookSuper 12Lose15292?
15/03WellingtonNapierSuper 12Lose16321?
23/03WaikatoEllis ParkSuper 12Win26232?
13/04WPEllis ParkSuper 12Lose23262?
19/04N TvlLoftusSuper 12Lose15253?
23/04CanterburyEllis ParkSuper 12Win55237?
01/05NatalDurbanSuper 12Lose13491?
07/05AucklandEllis ParkSuper 12Win34224?
11/05QueenslandEllis ParkSuper 12Lose16252?
01/06BorderE LondonCurrie CupWin53207?
08/06W TvlEllis ParkCurrie CupWin981215?
15/06NatalDurbanCurrie CupLose24344?
22/06E ProvinceEllis ParkCurrie CupWin22141?
29/06SE TvlWitbankCurrie CupDraw15150?
13/07BolandEllis ParkCurrie CupWin41105?
20/07BorderEllis ParkCurrie CupWin32123?
27/07W TvlPotchCurrie CupWin53286?
07/09SE TvlEllis ParkCurrie CupWin29263?
14/09E ProvinceP ElizabethCurrie CupWin23202?
21/09NatalEllis ParkCurrie CupLose36373?
05/10BolandWellingtonCurrie CupWin30244?
12/10WPEllis ParkCurrie Cup QFWin56227?
19/10NTvlLoftusCurrie Cup SFWin31213?
26/10NatalEllis ParkCurrie Cup FLose15330?

1995 Season

Summary of Transvaal's 1995 record
Date Games Won Lost Drew For Agst Tries for Tries Agst
02/122514101610510 61N/A

Transvaal's 1995 record
Date Opponent Venue Competition Result For Agst TF TA
04/03N S WEllis ParkSuper 10Win21183?
11/03North HarbourEllis ParkSuper 10Win17141?
18/03WPNewlandsSuper 10Lose13151?
02/04OtagoAwaySuper 10Win27182?
08/04QueenslandEllis ParkSuper 10Lose16301?
18/04GriquasEllis ParkMNetWin28243?
21/04SamoaEllis ParkMNetLose12130?
29/04BorderEast LondonFriendlyWin47185?
08/07EPPECurrie CupLose17312?
15/07WPEllis ParkCurrie CupWin28251?
22/07NTvlLoftusCurrie CupWin22191?
05/08Free StateEllis ParkCurrie CupWin37193?
12/08NatalDurbanCurrie CupLose24273?
26/08EPEllis ParkCurrie CupWin45165?
09/09WPNewlandsCurrie CupLose20222?
16/09NTvlEllis ParkCurrie CupLose12182?
23/09VrystaatBloemfonteinCurrie CupLose28413?
30/09NatalEllis ParkCurrie CupWin25113?
28/11Irish StudentsAwayTourWin38136?
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