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Lions 20 (8) vs Sharks 34 (3) on 27 September 2008

Player mistakes

1st Half:
0:04 - Jaque Fourie takes a kick off from Earl Rose but then knocks it on.
1:39 - Earl Rose kicks for field position but the ball goes dead behind the corner flag.
3:23 - Franco van der Merwe misses a tackle on Ruan Pienaar.
3:25 - Michael Killian misses a tackle on Ruan Pienaar (stepped on the outside).
3:43 - Earl Rose picks up a ball knocked on by Steyn in the Lions 22 and kicks, but does not find touch. Earl, you've been doing this all season, these kicks from your 22 must go out! (Case in point, Kankowski gathers this ball and then beats the 1st three tackles...)
3:52 - Ross Geldenhuys misses tackle on Kankowski.
3:52 - Cobus Grobbelaar misses tackle on Kankowski.
3:53 - Anton van Zyl misses tackle on Kankowski.
7:12 - Anton van Zyl plays Muller in the air in a line-out and concedes the penalty (advantage).
7:24 - Ernst Joubert concedes a new penalty advantage for going off feet at ruck.
9:14 - Franco van der Merwe misses tackle on Steyn.
12:54 - Earl Rose misses conversion attempt to the left of the poles.
14:00 - Cobus Grobbelaar misses tackle on Steyn (Stepped inside).
14:17 - Trompie Nontshinga misses tackle on Ndungane.
14:23 - Doppies la Grange knocks on trying to pick up a loose ball.
15:10 - Trompie Nontshinga misses tackle on Ndungane.
15:18 - Michael Killian misses tackle on Pietersen.
15:41 - Earl Rose misses tackle on Steyn.
15:53 - Jaque Fourie rushes Michalak in defense but misses the tackle.
15:54 - Anton van Zyl misses tackle on Michalak.
16:05 - Jaque Fourie concedes penalty (advantage) for tackling Pienaar from offside position.
18:20 - Louis Ludik kicks from just outside his 22 and it goes straight into touch.
18:46 - Jaque Fourie misses tackle on Steyn.
20:13 - Jano Vermaak is caught in possession by Bismarck after we won a line-out.
20:43 - Willie Wepener concedes Free Kick at line-out for "bokking"
21:26 - Earl Rose misses tackle on Pienaar.
21:53 - Derick Minnie concedes penalty for not using arms at ruck.
23:21 - Forward pass from Killian to Vermaak.
24:59 - Jano Vermaak kicks from his 22 and it doesn't go out.
25:43 - Jano Vermaak misses an up and under on him.
25:49 - Ernst Joubert concedes a penalty (advantage) for holding on at a ruck.
26:19 - Trompie Nontshinga concedes penalty for not being back 10 meters after the previous penalty was taken quick.
28:54 - Ernst Joubert knocks on in the tackle.
34:42 - Doppies la Grange knocks on in the backline.
37:17 - Ross Geldenhuys misses tackle on Kankowski.
39:55 - Jano Vermaak kicks from his 22 and it does not go out.
40:14 - Earl Rose misses tackle on Pienaar.

2nd Half:
40:20 - Earl Rose kicks from his 22 and it does not go out.
41:06 - Cobus Grobbelaar passes to Rose but the ball goes to ground.
42:45 - Anton van Zyl misses tackle on Deysel.
42:46 - Willie Wepener misses tackle on Deysel.
42:58 - Jaque Fourie misses tackle on Kankowski.
46:35 - Franco van der Merwe passes to his left and the ball goes to ground.
49:37 - Earl Rose misses with a penalty attempt.
51:31 - Trompie Nontshinga knocks a pass from Killian.
52:50 - Kankowski catches Jano Vermaak in possession behind a ruck.
53:38 - Franco van der Merwe loses a ball in the line-out but he had his arm pulled down by Muller, missed by the ref.
54:37 - Justin Wheeler misses a tackle on Steyn.
59:39 - Earl Rose misses the conversion attempt.
61:09 - Willie Wepener concedes scrum for skew line-out throw.
62:18 - Jano Vermaak kicks from his 22 and it does not go out (might have been touched by Kockott).
62:23 - Cobus Grobbelaar misses tackle on JP Pietersen.
62:37 - Cobus Grobbelaar misses tackle on Steyn.
62:58 - Michael Killian misses tackle on Kankowski.
62:59 - Ross Geldenhuys misses tackle on Kankowski.
64:58 - Trompie Nontshinga misses tackle on Ndungane.
65:20 - Earl Rose kicks the ball into Deysels hands...let's say it was charged down...
70:03 - Earl Roses misses a penalty attempt.
70:39 - Jano Vermaak misses tackle on Beast.
75:37 - Justin Wheeler accidentally kicks the ball forward in a scrum and cost us a tighthead on the Sharks try-line.
78:22 - Louis Strydom kicks from his 22 and does not find touch.
78:34 - Doppies la Grange misses tackle on Sykes.
78:36 - Jannes Labuschagne misses tackle on Sykes.
78:41 - Doppies la Grange concedes penalty for off feet at ruck.

Blatant Referee mistakes
2:30 - Mark Lawrence misses a high and/or dangerous tackle by JP Pietersen on Michael Killian.
7:24 - The ref plays a penalty advantage against Ernst Joubert for going off his feet at a ruck, but if you look closely it's because Botes lifted Joubert's left leg and basically forced him to fall over.
15:48 - The ref misses a hand in the ruck from Heinke 5 meters from our try-line.
25:43 - The ref misss that Jano is tackled high (round the neck) by Pietersen after he fails to take the up and under.
26:19 - I think the ref made a mistake here, he blows the Lions for not being back 10 after Pienaar takes a quick tap penalty, but then advances it from the touch line sideways to the middle of the field...I think if you advance a "not 10" it has to be advanced straight from the previous mark and not accross the field?
33:40 - Ref misses a late tackle from Pietersen on Nontshinga.
34:37 - Ref misses knock from Ruan Pienaar????Very clear?
53:38 - Ref misses Muller pulling on Franco van der Merwe's arm in the line-out.
56:44 - Ref misses that Michalak deliberately knocked a Lions pass down, it should have been a Lions penalty and perhaps yellow for Michalak, instead the ref just rules Lions scrum for the knock.

Summary per Mistake
Mistake 1st Half 2nd Half Total
Knocks 4 15
Missed tackles17 12 29
Pass Mistakes  2 2
Passes Intercepted    
Passes Overrun    
Passes Forward1   1
Kicks not out3 36
Missed kick at goal1 3 4
Penalties conceded6 1 7
Free Kicks conceded 1  1
Kick-off not taken     
Scrumhalf caught1 1 2
Line-out lost  2 2
Base of scrum/scrum wheeled/tighthead conceded  1 1
Up and under not taken 1  1
Use it or lose it at maul    
Accidental Offside    
Kick straight into touch/charged down/not 10/dead 21 3


37 27 64

Summary per Player
Franco van der Merwe  2 1           1      4
Earl Rose  3   24           2     11
Ernst Joubert1      2                 3
Cobus Grobbelaar  4 1                 5
Louis Ludik                  1   1
Jaque Fourie1 3     1             5
Jano Vermaak  1 3       2       1 7
Michael Killian  3 1                    4
Jannes Labuschagne  1                      1
Justin Wheeler  1               1        2
Derick Minnie        1                 1
Doppies la Grange2 1    1             4
Trompie Nontshinga1 3    1             5
Willie Wepener  1        1   1      3
Anton van Zyl  3    1             4
Ross Geldenhuys  3                  3
Louis Strydom    1                1


5 29 3 6 4 7 0 0 1 0 2 2 1 0 3 0 1 64

K = Knocks
MT = Missed Tackles
PM = Pass Mistakes
NO = Kicks not out
GM = Kicks at goal missed
PC = Penalty Conceded
PI = Passes Intercepted
PO = Passes Overrun
FK = Free Kicks conceded
KO = Kick off not taken
SC = Scrumhalf caught in possession
L = Line out Lost
B = Base of scrum mistake/scrum wheeled/tighthead conceded
U = Up and under dropped
MU = Maul use it or lose it
DT = Kick Direct into touch or charged down or not 10 or dead
A=Accidental Offside
T = Total

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